Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who Is Responsible For The Programming Of Multi Core CPU And GPU?

Multi core CPU and GPU are now commodity products. But, where are the software that could take advantage of their parallel architecture? Who should be developing such software? The domain expert? HPC (high performance computing) sofware engineer? or parallel programming tools such as auto parallelizing compilers?
  1. Domain experts typically do not wish to spend too much time on computing problems. They simply want to get their computation done and collect the results. Earning another degree on computing is not what they are after.
  2. On the other hand, HPC software engineers focused very much only on computing problems, obtaining good performance with minimum domain knowledge. Learning curve for domain knowledge could be very steep for them.
  3. The current state of art parallel programming tools are mostly parallel programming languages or libraries, performance profiling tools, code analyzer for parallelization guidelines, auto parallelizing compilers, and debugging tools.
Consequently, domain experts develop serial algorithm prototype and let HPC software engineers handle all the parallelization and performance issues. HPC software engineers then use the limited sets of parallel programming tools to parallelize and optimize the prototype.

There is serious flaw in this workflow. A parallel program needs to be designed since the beginning of the software development to be effective. When the HPC software engineers take over the prototype for optimization and parallelization, what they can do is too limited.

Without the domain knowledge, the HPC software engineers are essentially working as an auto parallelizing compiler. They analyze the code for real data dependency instead of analyzing the high-level algorithm structure, they optimize and parallelize the algorithms used in the prototype maintaining the same serial semantics instead of using or improving the best algorithms for the tasks. They are unable to perform intrusive algorithm or code modifications necessary for good performance.

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Current state of art parallel programming tools are not able to fully automate the optimization and parallelization process. Relying purely on tools is out of the question to optimization and parallelization.

When a parallel program is not performing, who's fault is that?

Ideally domain experts and HPC software engineers should collaborate and recognize the issues from each other. The impact of domain knowledge onto the optimization and parallelization process should not be underestimated. The steep learning curve of the domain knowledge is probably unavoidable, while domain experts should be more computation oriented formulating their domain problems into computing problems.

Bioinformatics set a good example in formulating problems into computing problems, enabling many computer scientists to work on bioinformatics problems with minimum domain knowledge.

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