Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Release of SGC Ruby CUDA - Beginning of a long way path

Today we decided to put up the first release of the SGC Ruby CUDA v0.1.0 as a mean to attract Rubyists to try out GPU programming as their new toy projects, and also to encourage HPC developers to evaluate if Ruby is good to use for their HPC applications.

When important software libraries are not available in Ruby, we certainly do not expect much Ruby usage in the area. As time is running short, more and more hardware is piling up underutilized, we are urged to take the first fundamental step moving Ruby programming towards HPC applications by making important SDK such as Nvidia CUDA SDK available to a Ruby program.

Rubyists who are new to GPU programming can now access CUDA GPUs easily to harness the massively parallel architecture of GPUs. On the other spectrum, HPC developers now have a choice to manage their complex applications by large portion in Ruby, while retaining only relatively small section of codes in C/C++/CUDA C etc.

We believe Ruby programming could improve productivity and maintainability tremendously since in many cases, heavy computation only happens in small section of codes, and Ruby programming simplify the software architecture and implementation significantly. Even when the performance is extremely critical that one must port everything back from Ruby to C/C++/CUDA C for highest performance, one has already saved tremendous effort in software architecture and design to achieve manageable design, extendable, ease of use, etc. The porting back to C/C++/CUDA C becomes much more straightforward as one has gained much knowledge about the domain.

Compared to developing a complex application from scratch in C/C++/CUDA C, one has to go through unforeseeable curvy path to achieve the same state which is bound to very high failure rate. Hence, we believe that this could set the start of Ruby programming towards HPC applications.

SGC Ruby CUDA has been updated significantly since the last post about it. As we have packaged it into a Ruby gem, you can now install it with
gem install sgc-ruby-cuda
The code repository is hosted at github, SGC Ruby CUDA.
The documentations are available at, SGC Ruby CUDA Doc.
Feel free to join the discussion group/mailing list at SGC Ruby CUDA Google Group.


  1. can't wait to put my hands on it. I'll check this out. Programming GPGPU with Ruby has been a dream for me..

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