Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High Performance for All

Parallel programming is much more affordable now as multi-core CPU and programmable GPU become commodity products. Unlike a decade ago where a minimum dual socket system equipped with lower clocked CPU & RAM would relatively cost a fortune to a typical desktop user, but dual-core system is basically everywhere nowadays. The use of dual-core systems is not really because it's affordable, but simply the users have not given a choice for not going multi-core.

It was non-trivial to me a decade ago, why should I go with lower clocked CPU & RAM in order to go multi-processing? Isn't that will slow down all my applications that use only single core? Fortunately, this problem is now less severe with dynamic clock adjusting CPUs, so called turbo mode. We could enjoy the benefits of high clock speed and multiple cores for different applications.

Moving forward, does commodity products make HPC a commodity service? How is HPC doing in enterprise?

Checkout the report published by Freeform Dynamics: High Performance for All

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